Social & Environmental Responsibility

At Vital Proteins™, we are committed to doing business in a way that respects people and the planet. While we are incredibly proud of the social and environmental actions we’ve taken to date, we know we can continuously push for better.

We are Committed to Responsibly-Sourced Collagen Peptides

Whether it’s sourcing collagen peptides or any other ingredient in our portfolio, we prioritize partnerships with suppliers who are committed to high-quality ingredients sustainability initiatives, respect for indigenous people, and transparent business practices.

What we’re doing

We are collaborating with our collagen suppliers to ensure their business practices align with our goals on achieving positive change in our supply chain:

  • Redirect their sourcing to alternative regions to avoid the Amazon area.
  • Commit to a deforestation-free primary supply chain by 2025.
  • Provide us with regular reports on their social and environmental business practices.
  • Follow up on their reforestation initiatives in collaboration with local authorities and NGOs.

We are Committed to Improving Transparency and Traceability

We have decided to spearhead a cross-functional, collaborative effort to help improve traceability and transparency within a globally-based supply chain for collagen peptides.

At Vital Proteins™, we’re committed to partnering with our suppliers on:

  • Reinforcing the respect of the land rights of Indigenous communities associated with their sourcing through verification from independent third parties.
  • Develop enhanced traceability programs for the raw materials we source from them.


Cattle are not raised for collagen purposes. As such, we consider collagen peptides a valuable by-product ingredient of the meat and leather industries. We work closely with a small number of direct suppliers to utilize this upcycled ingredient across our portfolio for its supplementation benefits.

We understand our role and responsibility in constantly pushing to improve business practices across the globe.

We are dedicated to sustainability efforts

Not only have we activated sustainability-focused efforts within Vital Proteins™, we also do prioritize engaging external partners that align with our social and environmental commitments.

As such, we expect our suppliers’ practices align with our social and environmental expectations.

We offer products people can trust

As a leading brand in the wellness space, we're committed to creating premium products that people can trust. Each formulation is consciously developed to be easy to use, and enjoyable to consume.

a) Prioritize sourcing quality, purpose-driven ingredients.
b) Pursue social, environmental and dietary certifications.
c) Maintain extensive quality processes and procedures at our manufacturing facilities.

And if these business practices aren’t trustworthy enough, check out the thousands of unbiased testimonials from real people listed on our digital retailer partners.